The business model of e-commerce

Дата: 16.06.2021

The business model of e-commerce is an online store, that is, an online platform where a buyer can purchase a product that interests him. It is somewhat silly to underestimate online stores against the backdrop of the second wave of the crisis, but nevertheless, not all merchants yet understand what the pros and cons of this business model.

Pros of an e-commerce business model

The main advantage of any online store is the ability to trade without geographical restrictions. You can arrange delivery of goods to any regions and countries and easily serve customers from the other end of the world!
Initially, you will have to invest in marketing, but when your store is promoted in search results and has a loyal customer base, you will start getting shareware customers without spending on additional promotion.
An online store is not only convenient for customers with its availability, but also becomes the only possible option in a pandemic, for example. Finding the necessary product in a store near your home or late at night is not easy, while when buying via the Internet, you can go to the site and place an order without leaving your home.
An online store costs the owner much less than a traditional store. You do not need to pay for the rent of premises and utilities, you do not need to purchase commercial equipment, hire cashiers and sales consultants.
Modern services for business allow you to organize the work of an online store with little or no involvement of hired employees. So, fulfillment will help to cope with the service of acceptance and delivery of orders.

You will have to prove your reliability to customers — online store users are wary of scammers, so it is very important to establish yourself as a reliable seller. Reviews will help you do this.